Christianity in feudal Japan


Shimabara Rebellion
島原の乱 shimabara-no-ran

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The bombardment of Hara castle

The Shimabara domain was ruled by the Christian Arima clan in the late Muromachi period. After the Tokugawa government banned Christianity the daimyô Arima Naozumi was replaced by Matsukura Shigemasa. Matsukura enforced the prohibition against the Christians and raised taxes to pay for the new castle Shimabara-jô (1618-24). This repression of the peasants was a major factor leading to the Shimabara rebellion.

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Shimabara rebellion
Amakusa Shirô (?-1638) - leader of the rebellion
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Shimabara rebellion
Shimabara-jô castle- Shimabara City
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Shimabara rebellion
Amakusa Shirô  (2)
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