Ashikaga shôgun


ASHIKAGA Yoshimasa
足 利義政 (1435-90)
8th shôgun of the Muromachi period

D 286 784

Ashikaga Yoshimasa (1435-1490), son of Ashikaga Yoshinori, was the 8th shogun of the Marunouchi period. His reign was characterized by violent political power struggles of the shogunate, as peasants were uniting themselves more strongly than ever and raising mobbing in various parts of the country. Yoshimasa lost interest in politics completely. From 1480 he built the Silver Pavilion at Higashiyama where he confined himself. In contrast to Kinkakuji temple, Ginkaku-ji is reflecting  the desolate social conditions of those days.

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D 286 784a
Ashikaga Yoshimasa (1435-1490)
8th Ashikaga shôgun, reign: 1449-73
sculpture at
Tôji-in / Kyôto
Muromachi period / history

H 236 148
Ashikaga Yoshimasa
Ginkaku-ji / Silver Pavillon
Muromachi period / history
H 236 149
Ashikaga Yoshimasa
Silver Pavilion  (2)
Muromachi period / history